Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Heartfelt CFO program is an outsourced executive position for companies that may have multiple entities, or one very large entity. They want forecasting, managing expenses, consistency and they have the knowledge of the concept but don’t know how to execute always. Margo works with these clients 1:1 to help them with their high level accounting needs. This does not include basic or advanced accounting support. This is pure consulting.

4-Part Planning

Don’t be the person at the end of the year, scrambling.

Part 1: In depth review of their financial and report on how they spend their money
Part 1: Monitoring where their money is coming from and figuring out where their time is best spent. Would love to build this into the spreadsheets
Part 2: Crafting an annual budget and breakdown into a monthly way! And how to utilize that.
Part 3: Monitoring and optimizing the goals from the Sales Expansion Projects.
Part 4: Consistently close out month end of the Tangible assets with an accurate balance sheet.

Emergencies Happen

Margo loves you and your business. CFO program participants has the highest priority because they work 1:1 with Margo. Margo is scheduled at least 2 weeks out and can’t always accommodate last minute requests. However, when you take advantage of our Virtual CFO program, we have a plan in place for emergencies.

Tangible CFO Program

Proactive Strategy Advice
Help and organization on raising money
Financial assistance on business plans
Distributions of NDA’s
Financial HR
Gross Profit Analysis Worksheet/PDF
Spreadsheet for Sales Expansion Projects
Biweekly calls throughout the year
Email access during business hours with a 24-48 hour response time
Quarterly 1 Day Fly-in or Virtual Strategic Planning Meeting (client flies into JFK)
BONUS: Unlimited Voxer access during business hours with paid in full
BONUS: First 90 Days of Weekly Calls
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