Margo’s Bookkeeping Services LLC DIGS through the facts and finds the TRUTH!

Margo’s Bookkeeping Services LLC is dedicated to providing impeccable, detail oriented, financial reporting for law firms that work with private clients and businesses throughout New York City and Long Island.

>It’s our job to communicate clearly and concisely all evidence and information should you have to provide information in the court of law. We run forensic audits for business and for lawyers’ private clients, for instance to determine the amounts of child support or alimony an individual is responsible for paying.

Our Forensic Auditing Services:

  • Reconstruct financial information for settlement proceeding
  • Asset and income tracing
  • Marital dissolution
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Hidden asset allocation
  • Child Support and custody


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How We Can Help Prevent Business Losses

Through our investigative financial services or periodically running financial data analysis tests we can properly track where money is going and help safeguard your finances. Using state of the art software, we perform forensic accounting audits in response to and to prevent fraudulent activity and theft within an organization. Our accounting experts combine accounting and investigative skills to properly identify any fraudulent financial behavior. For businesses, forensic audits can be used to prosecute a person for fraud, embezzlement or other illegal activities pertaining to a company’s finances.

What is the Financial Auditing Process?

The first step we take is to investigate what the individual’s true income is by utilizing our many skills of hidden asset and income tracing. Once Margo’s Bookkeeping service of New York has gathered and examined all financial information we can provide input backed by numbers and evidence. We then reconstruct the financial information in the form of an analysis document for a settlement hearing by verifying whether or not the financial statements are accurate. In order to do this we would compare our financial investigative analysis to the documentation an individual has provided and see if they have fairly matched accounting standards. It’s our job to find the truth and organize all of the information so it can be easily understood and is permissible and prepared for presentation in a court of law.

Hidden Asset and Income Investigating Can Help Your Child Support Case

If your child’s other parent is supporting themselves through some means but claims to be unable to make child support payments, we can help! Margo’s Bookkeeping can run financial investigations and provide detailed finance reports. We know all the right places to go for the necessary documents to prove your case. There are many child support enforcement laws and systems to help you out there but sadly there are as many law-breakers and law-benders as there are laws for them. We understand how difficult cases like this can be and we are here to make it easier for you. We work tirelessly for our clients at Margo’s Bookkeeping to find the truth so that you are able to go into court with a valid document: with which no one can argue against the numbers.