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2017 Year End Tax Tips: Part 2

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. With personal obligations to fulfill and organizational goals to complete, managers and business owners will be stressed. And, while tax season has yet to come, deadlines are swiftly approaching. We can help you to prepare your finances prior to this deadline by providing NewContinue Reading

Start-Ups: 6 Part Financial Section of a Business Plan

Any million-dollar business starts with a golden idea. But, to become and remain profitable, it needs an organized, well-constructed business plan. As all entrepreneurs know, business plans should lay out company goals, discuss products and services, and explain strategies. These sections are important, but pale in comparison to the financial section of your business plan.Continue Reading

8 Causes of Sloppy Bookkeeping

An organized record of key financials like expenses and expected income is key to success for small business owners. For this reason, a proactive bookkeeping strategy through automated bookkeeping software is essential. With an online approach to bookkeeping, you can ensure that your files are always backed up and available for reference. A remote bookkeepingContinue Reading

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Payment Terms: Why do they Matter?

In providing New York bookkeeping services to numerous companies in the metropolitan area, we here at Margo’s Bookkeeping understand how accounting needs vary by industry. The need for payment, however, remains consistent. When coordinating contracts with or selling products to other companies, the payment terms included dictate the parameters of your agreement. Mastering the artContinue Reading

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Margo’s 6 Tips for Real Estate Investment

Residential real estate development is touted by many as a relatively quick, simple investment. However, this investment lacks the long-term income and potential for growth that defines commercial real estate. Margo’s Bookkeeping strongly recommends that anyone considering commercial real estate development pursue their goals with these tips in mind. After all, every real estate investorContinue Reading

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Don’t Lose Quarterly Focus for 2017

The fourth quarter can take up a good deal of bookkeeper’s focus and time. It’s a time to tie up loose ends and get everything set for the first quarter of the new year. Although it is understandable to want all your ducks in a row, accountants and bookkeepers tend to lose their focus on theirContinue Reading