The Future of Accounting

Thinking of hiring a virtual accountant? While some may have concerns about handing over responsibility of their business finances to an external entity, the benefits for doing so are actually pretty huge. Here are just a few: Save cash – a full-time accountant means a yearly salary, benefits package, and space in your office. WithContinue Reading

Your Year in Review

Around this time of year, most small business owners start looking to the future, formulating plans for the year to come. Planning ahead is, of course, extremely important. But even more important is to make sure next year’s plans are based on this year’s cold hard facts. Here are a few things you should beContinue Reading

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Procrastination: The Success Killer

Procrastination. Most every business owner out there has done battle with this beast at one time or another in the pursuit of success. More often than not, we come out on top in the end. But the problem is, procrastination is hardier than your average monster, and it has a bad habit of showing upContinue Reading

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Do I Need an Accountant?

If you put together a list of the top 10 most hated activities business owners must perform, bookkeeping would be right at the top. As a result, there inevitably comes a time when you’re going to ask yourself the all-important question: Do I need an accountant? Your answer will vary different depending on your uniqueContinue Reading

Pros and Cons of a Limited Liability Company

This week sees us reach the end of our recent series of articles covering the most common types of business structure used by small business owners. Last week, we investigated the pros and cons of S corps, a special kind of corporation that helps small business owners avoid the problem of double taxation. This timeContinue Reading

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2017 Year End Tax Tips: Part 2

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. With personal obligations to fulfill and organizational goals to complete, managers and business owners will be stressed. And, while tax season has yet to come, deadlines are swiftly approaching. We can help you to prepare your finances prior to this deadline by providing NewContinue Reading