3 Ways to Survive a Cash Shortage

All remote bookkeepers are in the business of helping companies to thrive. Virtual CFOs use a variety of techniques to analyze data and develop fiscal strategies to help businesses flourish. Any remote bookkeeper can attest to the highs and lows that every company encounters. Obviously, no business is immune to occasional lean times. Business owners,Continue Reading

8 Causes of Sloppy Bookkeeping

A clear record of factors like expenses and projected income is critical to the success of small businesses. For this reason, an accounting strategy through bookkeeping software is essential. With an online approach to bookkeeping, you can ensure that your files are always standing by and available for reference. A remote bookkeeping service can help businessesContinue Reading

Businessman holding the light idea bulb show new good smart idea thinking and creative innovation business with group of people thinking, brainstorming and planning background.

How Creativity Can Revolutionize Your Business

Sometimes it feels like there are two kinds of people in the world: creative and non-creative people. Many of us simply assume that creativity is something other people have. Also, most entrepreneurs or business owners assume creativity is only in painters, musicians or writers. However, that’s not exactly true. The truth is: creativity often fuelsContinue Reading

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business From Home

Businesses around the country have had to rapidly adapt to COVID-19. As the crisis continues to unfold, the pandemic continues to have an unprecedented impact on our professional lives. Most business owners are still doing their best to remain afloat. In addition, they’re struggling to drive business forward while working from home. At the moment,Continue Reading

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How a Virtual CFO Can Help You Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Right now, we’re all experiencing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, businesses are feeling some of the most severe impact. The coronavirus has not only lead to a health crisis, but an economic one, as well. Most businesses are currently in dire straits. However, while things may be desperate right now, there are potentialContinue Reading

Woman on a computer applying for an SBA loan

SBA Loans Amidst COVID-19: How We Can Help

We’re going through some pretty tough times right now. Not only is the coronavirus sweeping the world, but we’re in the midst of the worst economic crisis in at least a decade. We’ve closed our businesses and we’re stuck at home to quarantine ourselves until it’s safe enough to leave again. As a result, aContinue Reading