Margo the NYC Bookkeeper

Margo Masri Our Founder

Margo Masri is a dedicated professional, experienced in an array of diverse bookkeeping and accounting needs. She began her business, Margo’s Bookkeeping Services, in 2003 because she wanted to better help clients reach their professional and personal financial goals. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Brooklyn College and is also QuickBooks certified.

Margo chose to open her own business because she witnessed many clients struggle simply because they could not understand complicated accounting jargon. She has the ability to organize and maintain your finances, managing the everyday needs of your business or organization. For example, she keeps meticulous financial records, organizing them into a table of contents for your CPA to make tax time hassle-free.

Margo’s consistency and reliability along with accounting knowledge, has helped her business grow tremendously. With over a decade of experience in offering accounting and bookkeeping services, Margo has the ability to customize her services, to meet your individual needs. She understands the power of numbers and wants to convey this to her clients to help you plan and grow financially.

Margo is eager to serve New York City, being proud of her Brooklyn roots. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband and two children. From a young age, Margo grasped a firm understanding of the importance of dedication and financial planning. She believes in the power of numbers, feeling you can live a successful life if you manage your finances wisely.

Our Bookkeeper

Yelena Alfimtsova Head Bookkeeper

Yelena Alfimtsova is a dedicated professional, experienced bookkeeper. She immigrated from Belarus(was part of Soviet Union). Yelena always liked to work with numbers. She completed her associated degree at Bramson Ort college Brooklyn in 2003 and started work as a part time bookkeeper at R Best Produce. Yelena joined Margo’s Bookkeeping Services team in 2005. She has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, strong figure aptitude. Work with clients at Margo’s Bookkeeping Services has given her an opportunity to utilize accounting strategies in the real world. Yelena expertise lies in an ability to effectively interact with clients and vendors, identify and resolve complex accounting issues and develop innovative solutions to achieve financial management objectives.

Yelena currently lives with her husband and one American-born child. She has 3 grown children.

Richard CPA

Richard Meyer CPA MBA

Richard has been a member of the income tax profession for over 30 years serving small and medium-sized businesses. His specialties include Subchapter S corporations, Subchapter C corporations, partnerships and single-member LLCs. Richard has extensive experience with real estate ventures and professionals. Richard is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and participates in many seminars each year to keep abreast of the latest tax developments

Jacqueline Godette Accountant

Jacqueline graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Upon her graduation she joined Nabisco Brands as a Staff Accountant. She went on to become a Senior Accountant and then promoted to a Financial Analyst at Philip Morris International. She continued on in graduate studies at the Pace University Lubin School of Business with a major in Corporate Financial Management. Jacqueline has over 25 years experience in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, financial analysis and tax. Since she left corporate accounting to raise her family, she has been self-employed working with individuals, small and large businesses and non-profits, assisting them with their financial, accounting and tax needs.

Jacqueline’s personal interests include being active in her church and community and spending time with family